There is a crisis within the Creative Industries within the United Kingdom, especially within my sector. Although I partake within the scriptwriting course, I consider myself, first and foremost, an actress. To be a successful actor within this current society is extremely competitive, one has to battle against thousands of existing actors whilst enduring new and upcoming actors for each and every role. If you land the right job you can earn you thousands even millions throughout your lifetime but the little demand for new actors crossed with the vast and growing competition limits all of the actors there are today.

Unfortunately, although I can enhance my chances through partaking in this scriptwriting course and potentially a directing course which is aimed to heighten my chances of being taken more seriously in the world of the creative industries. It however does not guarantee my position as a successful entrepreneur.

I am currently furthering my studies at the University of South Wales and I am a 22 year old born Londoner who lives in Cardiff. Feel free to have a look around my blog and explore. 10462354_10152961658271578_1298109818316439872_n


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