My Story…

The two people that have had the biggest influence in my life are my sister and my mother. As my sister was sixteen years of age when I was born, being nearly an adult she had a lot of responsibility when it came to raising me and became like a second mother. My parents used to work full time so besides au pairs, my sister used to take it upon herself to spend as much time with me as possible. The support of having ‘two mums’ and a dad all in one house hold taught me to be extremely expressive because of the different generations in which the role models in my life were. My mum taught me to have a business head she wanted me to have the ability to determine the opportunity costs within situations. Growing up with your mother being a finance manager and being in her surroundings has certainly influenced how I view situations and lead me to rethink suitable options multiple times before continuing.

One of my earliest memories as a child was watching my sister be involved in television programs for example game shows watching her through the television in I remember thinking to myself just how exciting it would be if I was not part of the audience but on the other side of the stage. From that moment onwards I decided that I wanted to be a performer but had not decided as to what I wanted to perform. This is when I decided to take up gymnastics, ballet and tramp lining. After that I decided that I wanted to become in the dance segment of performance which was lucky for me because my sister who not only has a BA in law with psychology, a masters in criminology and the criminal justice policy and a national diploma in probation studies, also was within a dance group named United by One. My sister and her dance group were putting on a performance and I got to guest star in their big performance on stage. The adrenaline and the overall response from the audience guaranteed my decision to follow performance as a career choice.

Essendene Lodge School was a fantastic school to offer support in what you want to do. In year 3, I discovered that i had such confidence when it came to acting on stage and producing work in front of an audience. Due to having a lisp that to me, was so obvious, my confidence was considerably affected. After many years of after school elocution lessons I began to adapt my speech allowing my lisp to become less obvious which not only made me feel more confident in performance but in everyday life. So looking back on it even though I know that people do not look at people different because of it, I owe a lot to that teacher for strongly influencing me in the characteristics I have now. After finishing my elocution lessons, I still carried on the LLAMDA lessons, completing in total 8 years of it.

When beginning secondary school at Lingifield Notre Dame, I decided to stop participating in LLAMDA, I think this may have been because I would have to change teachers and I had already built a level of trust with the one I already had. At school, I chose to do drama religious studies and art as my chosen subjects. This is because countries get more and more diverse everyday so it is healthy to look up things to broaden your mind set. English literature was taken so can focus on words that stick out and the background on it.

Then I continued on to Richmond Upon Thames College to obtain a levels in theatre studies English literature and business studies. The reason I chose these three particular courses was because I feel that are all connected and can be incorporated in terms of being in the theatre profession.

The last person that has vastly influenced my choices is my partner of many years, throughout college my attendance dropped and I decided that I didn’t think education was for me and only attended for exams. The opportunity arose to go to university and I decided against the idea because I did not believe that I would enjoy any course because at times I find education repetitive and at times quite uninventive and boring. With his determination to prove me wrong and his passion to see me succeed it is with this that I decided to go, not for myself but for those who begged me to try it out.

In doing this I found myself in Bristol doing theatre and media as a foundation and bachelor degree and now I partake in masters in Cardiff.

I owe them everything.

I owe them everything.


An attempt at the first post…

To be honest, I’ve been avoiding posting on here… What are you supposed to write? Is there specific information you’re obliged to share? Do you want to know what I had for breakfast this morning? Noodles. Now tell me did knowing that better your day? All of your  opinions, emotions and ideas are supposed are so exposed…It’s like standing on stage with your knickers accidently tucked into your skirt or talking to attractive man with food stuck in your teeth. So here it goes…

I’m a 22 year old female from London and ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to be an actress. It’s been the one factor throughout my life that hasn’t changed, it was acting and singing then acting and dancing and now it’s acting and scriptwriting. So now, I live in Cardiff doing a masters degree at the University of South Wales. Is this the write choice for me, who knows? But you’ll never know unless you try.