An attempt at the first post…

To be honest, I’ve been avoiding posting on here… What are you supposed to write? Is there specific information you’re obliged to share? Do you want to know what I had for breakfast this morning? Noodles. Now tell me did knowing that better your day? All of your  opinions, emotions and ideas are supposed are so exposed…It’s like standing on stage with your knickers accidently tucked into your skirt or talking to attractive man with food stuck in your teeth. So here it goes…

I’m a 22 year old female from London and ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to be an actress. It’s been the one factor throughout my life that hasn’t changed, it was acting and singing then acting and dancing and now it’s acting and scriptwriting. So now, I live in Cardiff doing a masters degree at the University of South Wales. Is this the write choice for me, who knows? But you’ll never know unless you try.


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