The pro’s and con’s of working whilst studying…

These current days, most people can’t afford to study to further their education and not work. I also work full time in hospitality whilst partaking in a Masters in Scriptwriting and with all my late finishes and early starts , it’s a real struggle. I’m constantly tired, endlessly trying to maintain a social life and spend time with the people I most care about and having time to myself.

I’m not the type of person who would have wanted to go back to education after a gap year however there would have been real benefits in doing so.


I complete my degree quicker.

I am going to feel so self accomplished.

I can begin my career sooner.

I don’t have any debts as I paid as I went.


I’m constantly tired.

I struggle to maintain a balance.

My work suffers because of my working life.

I can’t enjoy the benefits of working.


If YOU were in my shoes? What would have you done? Would you have saved your money and then went to further your education of would you have done what I did and persevere through? Let me know your thoughts


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