I just handed in my last ever deadline for university. I’m not going to lie, that was tougher than I thought, especially when the computer decides it’s not going to save it as a PDF.
Oh well, we all got there in the end. Now for some well deserved drinks, I’ll still be looking to see if they do student discounts though. hahaha.
Well done to everyone on our course, I hope you all get the marks back that you deserve.


A handy read…

What I learnt from this was, writing sometimes doesn’t come naturally and I always said that if I wasn’t going to act I would teach. After reading these writing tips I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe that is what I could do through my writing. Recently I’ve been avoiding writing because I felt like I had nothing to write, I put it down to being busy, working all the time but I think I was avoiding writing because I thought I couldn’t get it wrong if I hadn’t written anything. Today, I begin fresh, for some reason, although I’m still working just as many hours I feel a bit more clear, my deadline is approaching, rapidly but now I’m not so panicked. If anyone feels stressed or overloaded, maybe you should read Ann Handley’s tips.

Sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time…

There are two stories in this post, one that happen a few months and go and one that occurred last weekend.

1. I’m at work now, in the hotel, walking from the bar to the reception and I start talking to this guest, lovely woman there with her baby and a friend. We end up talking for a while and they ask a few questions about me, “so what do you do?” she asked. “Well, I’m in the middle of doing my masters in Scriptwriting but I’m actually and actress.” They looked at me. “That’s what we do, we’re performing in a show tonight at the New Theatre you should come.” “Yeah I’d love to, let me ask one of the girls if they want to come with me” I replied. So as I head down to the reception to ask said girl I see another colleague on the way. “Tiff, do you know who that is?” he asked, now I must be completely oblivious, but I didn’t have a clue. “That’s Claire Sweeney love.” SHUT UP. I didn’t have a clue. Later that evening we went to the performance of “Sex in Suburbia” it was hilarious and highly entertaining. I even went on stage with the ladies. What an experience!

Now my partner owns his own business’, so the other day I’m sitting in said business as a young black man approaches my partner and asks him if he watches googlebox. Now, Lion as sweet as he is, yes my partners’ name is Lion, doesn’t watch much television, only the news, looks at him blankly. “I do” I said. This young guy comes over and introduces himself, “I’m actually recruiting for people to be in the next series which begins in September,” he says. I’m like a child in a sweet shop. So I’ve taken this guys details and have been contemplating it. Any opinions had I would love to hear them but if this isn’t the cosmic signs trying to throw something my way, I don’t know what is!

The pro’s and con’s of working whilst studying…

These current days, most people can’t afford to study to further their education and not work. I also work full time in hospitality whilst partaking in a Masters in Scriptwriting and with all my late finishes and early starts , it’s a real struggle. I’m constantly tired, endlessly trying to maintain a social life and spend time with the people I most care about and having time to myself.

I’m not the type of person who would have wanted to go back to education after a gap year however there would have been real benefits in doing so.


I complete my degree quicker.

I am going to feel so self accomplished.

I can begin my career sooner.

I don’t have any debts as I paid as I went.


I’m constantly tired.

I struggle to maintain a balance.

My work suffers because of my working life.

I can’t enjoy the benefits of working.


If YOU were in my shoes? What would have you done? Would you have saved your money and then went to further your education of would you have done what I did and persevere through? Let me know your thoughts

Gregynog Weekend

I recently spent a weekend at Gregynog in Tregynon, mid Wales. It’s safe to say although the area was beautiful, as you can see in the pictures, it was a different atmosphere to a 22 year old born Londoner who is used to city life. The aim of the trip was to write, to be in a secluded area where there is no signal, no distractions and to just write. The ideology of this was perfect however because I was in an area that I didn’t know and that was severely out of my comfort zone I found it hard, probably harder than most but I got there. I felt clearer when it came to my Major Project, the obstacles that were holding the development of my script has now been resolved.

Apart from the writing itself, the weekend entailed copious amounts of wine and a lot of hangovers. Not a bad trip.

Who knew there was so many sheep in Wales?pic1 pcs2 pictures